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The_Usual_Studio.jpgIntroducing Charlee Sully from The Usual Studio!


By far one of the best things to come out of WarwickTweetup since it started back in February 2011 is the selection of amazing people we get to meet. We're like a magnet to incredibly talented and very interesting people, and we're not shy about getting them on board! We've had so much help and guidance from so many local businesses, and we certainly don't keep quiet about them either. From web designers to our proofreader, mentors to fitness instructors, we've had an amazing journey so far - and we're certainly not stopping any time soon.

Recently we had our first Tweetup in Leamington and we met loads of new faces and characters. It was a fabulous start to our new legacy, and we hope to hold many more brilliant events. At the 'Big Free Twitter Workshop' lots of new links and connections were made, and it was great to see, both on the night and on Twitter for weeks afterwards. We also made a great link of our own too, and we caught up with Charlee Sully from The Usual Studio to discuss some ideas that we had - the meeting went very well!

Charlee (@TheUsualStudio) was canvassed by our ever-present proofreader and Tweetup committee member @pinky_princess. Jo decided that Charlee should work with us, and I'm not one to argue with her (as anyone who follows my tweets will know). I'm pleased to say that Jo was right (just this once), and Charlee has agreed too. We certainly do need the design skills and expertise she has to offer if we want to move forward in the new direction planned for 2013. 

forward-pr.jpgCharlee set up design agency The Usual Studio in early 2007 and works with a real mix of clients locally and nationally. In recent years she’s been working with the fashion industry, health-care and services sectors. She also heads up the Digital Director design at 'The Industry', a premiere member’s organisation for the global fashion community. I love Charlee's style and work, and also the fact that she loves Warwickshire so much that after her degree at Coventry University, she decided to set up her design business here, rather than in her native Somerset - that sits very well with me!

So what's the plan?

Well, we have a lot of output at Tweetup, be it blogs, emails, flyers, and of course the workshops we run monthly in Warwick and Leamington. So far we have survived on the brilliant initial help and logo design from Gaz @Liquidblu_, minimal skills and iPad trickery from myself, and of course the ongoing fabulous photography skills from Karen Massey @Karensphotos (Tweetup committee member). Next year sees the umbrella of Warwick and Leamington Tweetup moving forward with fresh ideas and focus, so we wanted it to 'look' that way too. Charlee will be on board to help this new approach look as good as we plan for it to feel! We're certainly excited to start, and are keen to draw on The Usual Studio's experience of all aspects in the creative process, from sourcing and creating brand imagery, building websites, designing logos, printing marketing material and packaging.

Workshop branding:

One exciting aspect will be branding and designing the look for our new workshops on blogging and Facebook, which are planned for early next year. Twitter School has been an amazing spin-off and great success for us, but it still hasn't got a look of its own. I can't wait to see what Charlee comes up with, and I'm very much looking forward to putting the new designs into my keynote (I'm such a geek).

wylies-postcard.jpgWe're patiently waiting for Charlee to get cracking on Tweetup's new design pieces and hopefully to offer advice on email marketing too. We don't mind the wait though, as she has been working on a great local project and its relaunch. The branding for the charming shop of home treasures, Wylie’s, The Ironmongers in Warwick, has been The Usual Studio's focus recently. They even hunted down the original font used on an old order book, which was transformed into custom 3D lettering for the new logo. Other jobs have included signage for the shop front, an A-board and collectable postcards showcasing the shop’s unusual wares - details here. We're quite happy to wait and watch this historical building get a much-needed lift.

Some other work from The Usual Studio:

kate-nash-cd.jpgThe Usual Studio has also worked on some other interesting stuff recently; Kate Nash's CD cover, ongoing help with local charity Kids Run Free, and not to mention the design and web build for Forward PR, a leading London agency! We know it's going to be an exciting collaboration, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Charlee in advance for her time and efforts. Take a look at The Usual Studio’s recent work: The Usual Studio or get in touch with Charlee on Twitter (@TheUsualStudio).

So on we go, forward with focus and ideas, spurred on by brilliant people. WarwickTweetup and LeamingtonTweetup have been so much fun for almost two years now, and we very much hope you'll be with us during 2013 - it's going to be very exciting!

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Todd @WarwickTweetup.



Proofread as always by the fabulously talented @pinky_princess.
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