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Why your new website is like a newborn baby

We deal with many aspects of online marketing, from Twitter to Facebook, blogging to SEO, and website pages to proofreading. We work closely with many clients on their website copy and social media campaigns. We write and edit anything from blogs to Ts and Cs, but still we come up against people who tell us they're fine with their new website because... well... it's new!


"It's OK, our website has just been launched, we'll call you in a few months when we need help to promote it."

Here's the deal. Your new website is not going to be great because it's new. Your website is like a newborn baby. Fresh, untouched, unseen, unvisited, and ready for the world. Your new digital baby is fully functional and an amazing addition to your business, but your website needs to develop, it needs to grow and it needs people to visit it to help that growth. Your baby needs nurturing and feeding.

Crazy analogy? No, we don't think so, and here's why:

Baby_PC.jpgWhat's the point of a website? You want people to visit it, right? You want to sell people your latest products and services, or simply gather readers to your blog. You won't get any of this if your website doesn't mature. We treat a website like a living, breathing thing. We nurture the copy, grow the pages and develop the journey around it. People will only find your site if you treat it like this.

Think about it. When a baby is born, is it left in the hospital to fend for itself? No. It needs help and guidance, and most of all it needs input and growth for it to succeed. Your website is no different. The more time and effort you put in after it's born, the more chance it has of search engines noticing it, and the more likely it is that your baby will be seen by the world.

So how do you grow your site and ensure it succeeds?

We're great fans of the new direction Google is taking. One of the reasons we think it's brilliant is the attention to the detail, the attention weighted to the detail on the sites, the copy, the quality thereof, and the relevance to you, the Googler. Websites now need to have engaging and compelling copy, but also up-to-date content, they need to be laid out well and shared around social media like a newborn at a christening. A new website is a great platform, but there's an ever-increasing need to constantly update it with fresh and informative copy.

By adding new pages (like a blog post) your website will grow in size. By linking different pages you encourage traffic flow. Sharing your site on social media and via your email marketing increases visits. The more you add to your site, the more content you offer to Google and other search engines. Larger sites are valued by Google, socially active sites are noticed, and well-written copy that engages the readers is viewed more and gains kudos with the search engines.

So what do we advise?

Don't stop now! Well done on your new website (isn't it the cutest?! It looks like its Uncle!) Let's all celebrate the birth of your new baby by encouraging it. Let's give it information so it can be intelligent. Let's share it around the world on social media so people know it exists. Let's make sure it always looks great and let's not ever let it fend for itself. Search engines want mature sizeable websites with quality copy. Keep feeding your baby, keep helping it to grow and one day it will give you back the time you put in to it when it flourishes.

We can help grow your baby or encourage your toddler. We work with web copy and social media strategy to focus the attention on your loved one.

We want your online content to be found. Contact us now to discuss a play date.



My name is Graham Todd and I’ve been immersed in social media for almost three years. I train, blog and manage social media for business.

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Posted by Rob Cameron on
Great blog, love the metaphor. Very good points that you raise and very true
Posted by Warwicktweetup on
Thanks Rob.

We come across this perception so often that I thought I'd blog about it. So often people ask us why their new website is nowhere on Google. Help is at hand, in our hands, and in theirs! :)
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