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#Warwicktweetup 2- The #WTUQuiz


Wow, what a night! So much to say and so little time this morning. Last nights sequel to theinaugural #warwicktweetup was such hard work to organise but ultimately great fun to be at!

Hosted by Dave Sharpe the official quiz master and attended by around 50 Tweeters young and old(ish) the night was a great success and provided much entertainment for all who came. We raised £316 for Air Ambulance and also launched #Warwicktweetup 3, to run as the BIGGEST team on June 5th at the heroes run at Stoneleigh abbey.

Highlights of the night, well the music round caused many an argument...apparently iTunes know nothing and Wikipedia rule. The touchy feely round caused much finger sniffing and Percy pigs were the order of the day. The funniest moments were definitely the photographers in the room winning each others raffle prizes!! You couldn't have organised that! So funny. Jo from Air Ambulance gave an emotive talk on the amazing work of Air Ambulance and really made people realise what a great charity it is and Dave Sharpe made the evening, his expert hosting skills making our incompetencelook rehearsed and kept things running smoothly throughout. 

The over all winners were "The Twits" with 45 points with "Tash Hags" coming a close second and "Twit2Woo" coming in 3rd....but of course the real winner was #warwicktweetup and we thank you all for making it what it is!


So, next? Well we will all be going out for a drink in Warwick in about a week. Time and date will be confirmed, and of course #Warwicktweetup 3. We want to be the BIGGEST team running so get your family, friends, pets and everyone to join our #Warwicktweetup team. Let us know if you want to run, its a great cause and we have the potential to raise loads for Air Ambulance. 

It is very important that you contact us, we want to enter as a team so please DON'T sign yourselves up individually.


Thanks again, your all wonderful.

Much love

Lord Todd

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Posted by daisycupcakes on
Sorry I missed all the fun! But I was having fun of my own on a beach!

Let me know about the drink next week - would love to join you.

Am all signed up and committed to running, have started planning my fitness strategy this morning! The old people will need to run at the back of the pack!

Daisy x
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