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The Warwicktweetup at Lanes was a superb evening, a little back street restaurant on it's night off was cleared and made way for an epic event and the first tweet up in Warwick! 

Not wanting to be like little twitbirds resting on our laurels , we are planning to build on the success of Warwicktweetup on March 7th and are already putting plans into motion for "Warwicktweetup2" as it has been named on twitter. At this time we are not sure on the format of  WTU2, the format may be similar or we may mix it up a little. Warwicktweetup's success was entirely down to the spontaneity of the event and the sheer speed and excitement that built up around it was almost what drove the event. We will certainly struggle to replicate that! 

In many ways planning WTU2 is like trying to revisit a great night out you once had, one that just sort of happened....all the best nights out are off the cuff, winged, made up as they go along. Nights out with masses of planning and calculation just seem to disappoint. WTU2 has the same problem, how can we re-create WTU? We can't, quite simply, so we won't. Building on the success of the first tweetup seems favourite, listening to members ideas and thoughts is paramount to its success. So if you guys have thoughts, ideas, needs and desires (for the WTU2!!) please drop us an email warwicktweetup@gmail.com or Contact us on this site.

Timing of the WTU2 will be discussed at length and how long to leave it is the key. We want to attract more members and open our doors to people who were not able to attend last time due to the large numbers...bigger venue? Warwick castle was favourite on twitter yesterday, I may be "Lord Todd" but I don't own Warwick Castle or any other castle for that matter!

We will be meeting up very soon with our little "committee" and rest assured, twitter, as always, will be the place the news will break first!!

So, in the meantime, give us your ideas through the medium of twitter or email us. WTU2 is coming soon....

Cheers Lord Todd

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Posted by admin on
Well come on then!

Spill the date!!!

Posted by admin on
(Oh, and the Venue, too!)
Posted by UnderwoodWines on
Patience my boy.... ;)
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