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Warwick Rocks - New energy for an old town. 

IN THE May issue of Warwickshire Life, we saw that the digital age has been uniting old and new in Warwick, and that social media has been influential in the campaign to win financial backing via the Portas Pilot scheme. Huge energy has been put into the Portas Pilot campaign. Indeed, the excitement and sheer speed of Twitter and the Warwick Portas Pilot blog created by Graham Todd is something new to Warwick. The good news is that Warwick is still highly motivated, and the new Town Team are focusing on the tasks ahead.

If you have been to Warwick lately you will have noticed that ‘Warwick Rocks!’ Never a group to keep quiet, WarwickTweetup (the driving force behind the recent Portas Pilot campaign) have started a new and very visual show of support. Led by a local designer’s initiative, the town’s shops and businesses are showing their backing of the Portas Pilot proposal with red and blue posters dotted allover the town. The message is simple but effective, and in jubilee colours so will fit in perfectly with the celebrations: “Warwick Rocks. Back the #Warwickportaspilots proposal”.

Not content with pitching for funds and injecting new energy into Warwick, the Town Teamhave now set their sights on the next stage. Having forged new relationships and connections within the Councils and community, it seemed a shame to just stop once the Portas Pilot proposal was sent. With town improvements causing traffic issues and parking troubles, many people in Warwick looked not to the council or local groups but to the new Town Team, who have the views of the town at the top of their agenda. Is this a new and modern way for Warwick to get things done? It’s certainly worked for the Portas Pilot campaign, and the Town Team seem set to stick around.

Ask anyone from the team or from the catalyst WarwickTweetup andthey’ll tell you that, win or lose the Portas money, Warwick has already won. It has won new attention, new energy and new connections. It has attracted new people to the town and tried to dispel the myth that it is just full of antique and charity shops. Those do exist, but remember the beautiful independent boutiques, the fascinating history and of course the great community. Together with its famous castle and churches, Warwick certainly has all the ingredients of a great destination town. The recent buzz and excitement in Warwick has drawn welcome new attention to its market and culture. Warwick certainly rocks, and it’s not afraid to shout about it!

Do you live or work in Warwick? What’s your view of the town. Emailjane.sullivan@archant.co.uk or tweet @warkslife we’d love to hear from you.

June 2012 warwickshire.greatbritishlife.co.uk


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