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Warwick Rocks the coffee shops! 


Warwick Rocks for Coffee! (And tea, and hot chocolate...)

You may be aware of the recent story in the press about large corporations paying far less tax than expected due to a loophole in the UK system and of course some very clever accounting. Starbucks in particular have grabbed the headlines after it was revealed they have paid no tax whatsoever in the last three years, despite posting £1.2B in sales.

So what?

Well, here's my thinking. The Christmas period is coming and everyone is looking to spend their hard-earned cash on their loved ones - while grabbing the occasional coffee of course.

The problem is, Starbucks have a great marketing team and a great tradition every year. Just like Coca-Cola's Christmas truck and the 'holidays are coming' theme tune, for many, it signifies the start of the festive season. Starbucks’ red cups are now out in stores across the UK, and to many it means the run up for the season to be jolly.

I have a problem with Starbucks red cups though. You buy their coffee and where does the money go? Where does the tax go? I tell you where it goes - and it certainly isn't local, you could argue it's not even the UK! Why would we support this?

If you buy coffee from a local independent coffee house, you not only buy local and keep the money in your own local economy, but the tax on the drink goes to this country - a double hit of keeping it local!

So how does this affect Warwick?

The Bakehouse, Scoopz ice-cream, Love Bread & Co.amongst others, serve coffee which is delicious and very reasonably priced. Buy local, and the money from the coffee stays in our local economy. What’s more, the tax will go to our own country, as the independent businesses don't have to pay an American company to use their own logo! (Naughty Starbucks.) Buy local, pay tax to this country, and save money – win, win, win!

So remember – buy local. Get yourself into Warwick for a delicious cuppa.


WarwickRocks red cups! Warwick_Rocks_red_cup.JPG

Oh, and if you’ve been on Twitter over the weekend, you may have seen some rather exciting new #WarwickRocks merchandise, including some fabulous reusable red coffee cups. To find out how you can get hold of some of this brilliant stuff, watch this space!

Keep watching for more news on how to get your hands on other fabulous merchandise too! 

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Cheers, Todd @WarwickTweetup

Proofread as always by the fabulously talented @pinky_princess.
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