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"Helping You to Help Yourselves"


Who's the best person to tweet in your business? How about that techy kid or the woman in IT? Perhaps the guy who fixes your phone when it breaks?

Answer? ...None of them.

Who is the most passionate about your business; who is the driving force in your business? If you're the business owner and you're reading this then I hope the answer to these questions is "Me".

A common and re-occurring fault in social media, and certainly twitter, is giving the tweeting or Facebook page to someone who looks after that sort of stuff or in some cases it’s out sourced to a marketing company. Twitter is not technical, if you can email, text, take photos or copy and paste then you are more than qualified to tweet. The reason you as the business owner should be tweeting, is that you are far more qualified to do it than anyone else.

"We must be on Twitter!" Yes, you must.

If the answer to the question "Why must you be on Twitter?" is simply "because everyone else is" then you have missed the point.

Twitter has no rules, you really can do and say what you like, but Twitter is not like any sales pitch that may have worked in the past. Twitter is not a stream of adverts from your company; Twitter is also not the answer to all your problems. Twitter is about engaging with your community and customers. It's about building relationships with people; it's about sharing and helping others. If you're not really into giving before you receive? Then it's not for you.

At Warwicktweetup we are always trying to help people along, we have become a place for new Tweeters to seek shelter. We love that. So we thought it was about time we started sharing our knowledge of Twitter and what it can do for you and your business. You see we don't think what we know is very technical, we don't believe that you can't learn it quickly, and we also don't think you should pay someone to tweet for you.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Very simply, we won't tweet for you, we'll teach you to tweet.

Register for Twitter School in Warwick, United Kingdom  on Eventbrite

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Posted by banditgolfer on
Would love to have come to twitter school but I am in detention at a trust meeting that day. Please advise of future schools. p.s can somebody copy the notes for me and pass them on ! lol
Posted by UnderwoodWines on
We certainly hope so Steve. We will test the water with this one and hopefully run another next month. No chewing in class though, unless its a bacon sarnie, rumoured to be served up!
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