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Why is an avatar so important?

Firstly let's lose the tech jargon; an avatar is an online presence - a picture of you online - a profile picture if you like. Most of us have these on our social platforms and many of us are familiar with the ever-changing Facebook profile photos of our friends and family.On Twitter it's a bit different.On Twitter, certainly if you're a business, it's very important to get the avatar right.

Alongside your bio and a link to your website, your avatar is often your only chance to grab the attention of potential followers.Think about it, when you talk to someone what do you do? Do you stand outside their shop, business or home and talk to a sign above the door? No! Twitter is all about the person behind the tweet. Take our WarwickTweetup avatar for example. We moved from behind our logo to show you who actually is tweeting, so when you are chatting to us on Twitter you can imagine actually talking to us.

Does that sound odd? Not when you think about it. When you call your best mate or Mum or colleague on the phone you are picturing them whilst you do it. Think about this next time you're on the phone. It's human nature, and Twitter is run by humans (ignore the bots).

Twitter consists of people tweeting people. Sure you're on the end of a computer or phone behind a satellite connection, but we all try to work out the personality behind the tweeter, even if we don’t realise it.


Ever met someone you've only spoken to on the phone and thought, "They look smaller/bigger than I imagined?" That's because you've been trying to work them out. Humans use the appearance to judge and make perceptions. Of course we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but often it's all we have to go on.

One thing I will mention though is consistency. On Facebook you can change your profile photo whenever you wish. But Twitter needs consistency - there's no 'wall' on Twitter with all your photos and info. When you browse through Twitter, the familiar and quality avatars do stand out.

We are lucky in that Karen Massey is a professional photographer. Maybe think about having a professional shot taken for yours?

We know brand recognition is important, and we realise that a company logo needs to be put everywhere. But remember that Twitter is not about the big sell; it's about people connecting with other people.

We know from our first Tweetup how funny it was when we all met. The logos were nowhere to be seen; just our smiling faces.



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