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It's just a number...


I've blogged in the past about followers and numbers of followers. It's always something people ask me when I say I'm on Twitter:


'How many followers have you got?'


It seems to be used as a gauge on how good you are, or indeed how well you tweet. This may be true but there's a whole lot more to Twitter than meets the eye, and looking beyond the cover of the book (or in Twitter's case somebody's bio) is very much overlooked.


So if I have 2000 followers on Twitter I'm better than someone with only a few hundred right? Well - yes and no. I could have more 'reach', but what about this scenario:


  • I have 2000 followers from varying walks of life.
  • You have 200 followers who are key influential people from all over the world.


Who's more likely to get stuff done on Twitter?


Pretty obvious really, and I proved it recently with the Portas Pilot campaign. I'm part of a strong network, and when we get together we make things happen. I may have only a few thousand followers, but they are key to what I want from Twitter and apart from the odd undetected bot, I'm pleased with them.


Here's a reason the number of followers are important to bear in mind though. How often do you tweet? 10 times, 20 times, 50 times a day? How about over 100? If you're following a few thousand accounts, then your tweets get blended and diluted nicely into 'your' timeline but what about a follower of yours who only follows a handful of tweeters? It's going to be be you, you, you if the others are only occasional tweeters. Often people will unfollow accounts that spam up their timeline. Don't take offence, everyone is different. I have someone following me that only follows me... that's right - their entire timeline is my tweets?! I take it as a compliment that they are still on Twitter!


Here a few things to think about when it comes to followers:


  • People will unfollow you. It happens, so don't sweat it.
  • Someone may have followed you thinking you were going to be different. Does your bio correctly reflect your style of tweeting?
  • Followers are nothing but a number - like age. If you're getting success and having fun with Twitter then it really doesn't matter; no-one likes a show-off anyway!
  • If someone is only interested in how many followers you have, they clearly don't 'get' Twitter anyway. Quality not quantity people!
  • Following back is NOT compulsory. Your timeline should be a precious resource of your interests and needs to be targeted to gain the most from it.


So next time you're at a party and someone asks you how many followers you have, firstly be proud of your collected audience, and secondly find someone else to talk to... They clearly don't get out enough ;-)


Thanks for reading. Feel free to follow me at @UnderwoodWines or us at @WarwickTweetUp.

Cheers, Todd.

Proofing by @pinky_princess

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