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 Should you really be using Twitter?Warwicktweetup_logo1.jpg

Regular readers of this blog might be picking their jaw off the floor at that question. Me, the Twitteraholic, asking such a question? But there's a very good reason for asking it. If you're a business 'on' Twitter but not really using it... this blog is for you!

Everyone is 'on' Twitter nowadays. From the local pub to the big chain hotel, businesses across the world are realising that Twitter is something they have to buy into. But here's the thing, even with all the flash Twitter buttons and Twitter feeds on company websites, I worry that these Twitter accounts exist merely because companies know they should be on Twitter, even though they have no idea what to do. I worry when companies advertise their Twitter and then simply don't use it. People will tweet you if you advertise you're tweeting, and potential customers will expect a reply if they ask a question. I've blogged before about the importance of responding on Twitter. 

"An unanswered Tweet is a bad as an unanswered email"

Really? Tweets are as important as emails?


Well think of it like this. If you put your email address on your website or latest flyer, people will email you and I would hope that you will respond to them. Are you doing the same with your Twitter? Then I'd expect a reply from that too. If you were confident enough to put it on your advertising material, or even your website, you will be expected to respond. I'm not saying don't use Twitter; I'm simply suggesting you do it right or stop advertising it!


Twitter is a fantastic tool, and it will improve your customer service, your brand and your profile. This does not happen automatically just because you signed up to it.

"Oh yes, we're on Twitter."

This statement drives me mad. If you're tweeting and interacting with your customers and other businesses in your genre, then you're on Twitter. If you simply signed up and occasionally log in to retweet someone praising your latest menu, or just tweet your latest promo, then you're not 'on' Twitter. Twitter is about engagement and interaction, it's certainly not about you, you, you! I often check out local businesses, and in particular hotels and restaurants that are 'on' Twitter, only to find a constant stream of adverts and absolutely no interaction. I'm sorry, you're not on Twitter, you're simply broadcasting your message in a variety of places.

All is not lost though. Here's some helpful tips to get your Twitter off the ground, so dust yourself off and read on.

  • Twitter is all about interaction: reply, respond and take an interest in other people's tweets too.

  • Tell us about you: make it interesting though. You may think your latest promotion is amazingly interesting, others may not. Tweet interesting facts, funny stories - anything to make your business sound real.

  • It can be difficult tweeting for a large business, like a hotel for example. Allow people to buy into your brand, let your followers meet the people in your team. Share their stories and achievements - people buy from people.

  • A picture paints a thousand words: when you consider you only have 140 characters to play with, this is an opportunity not to miss. People are nosy, so give them something to nose at!

  • Encourage engagement: simply ask a question, ask for a retweet, post content that requires a response. But please respond when you do.

Twitter works, but only when you work for it. Like most things in business, you really only get something out when you put something in. It's a slow burner, but you"ll soon get a great spark going.

For more help, feel free to read some of our other blogs, or get in touch to see how we can help your business succeed on Twitter.


Todd @WarwickTweetup



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Posted by Karen Massey on
I agree entirely, twitter has helped my business no end but had I not used it correctly it could have done more harm than good! Great blog :)
Posted by Bobby Stearns on
Really useful blog and really useful reminder Todd. As a company that has seen genuinely quantifiable results from twitter; not just in terms of sales generation but in offering an added level of customer service, I can confirm everything that's been said. We get daily messages asking us sizes of products, questions about product instructions, accounts issues and even direct sales requests (usually from Todd). Offering no response will weaken your brand. There's nothing worse than saying you'll do something that you have no intention of committing to. Sadly, intention is not enough and you're better to be silent than intentional. But if you can devote a small amount of time you'll find it will pay dividends. That's the idea anyway :) Thanks Todd.
Posted by Ros Matthews on
I am a total convert, although it was like learning a new language at first I stuck with it and I truly believe it has lifted my profile in Warwick, its local businesses and people and lended to my website hits :o) I cannot thank Warwick Tweetup enough for the advice on Tweet School and especially Todd who is always on hand with tricky questions. I have such a more fulfilling career now I am commander of my own boat.. but Twitter was definitely a big help in getting me there. I think I owe someone a wine or sports massage or something. :o)
Posted by UnderwoodWines on
Thanks Ros.

I firmly believe a little knowledge and getting over the fear can improve Twitter usage hugely. I'm so pleased that Twitter School has helped, and Warwick really is leading the way because of people like you, embracing the Twittersphere!

Top of the class for you ;)
Posted by Sian Smith on
Excellent points raised here Todd, I totally agree.
Constant engagement on Twitter has also helped no end in discovering new sales leads, but you have to invest time, and persevere.
Keep up the good work :)
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