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7 tricks of the Twitter trade

So you've joined Twitter, you chose a great photo for your avatar and wrote an awesome bio about how great you are and you even added a link to your blog or website. Good work, so now you just sit back and wait.....? No. Twitter is all about engagement, exchanging, sharing and helping. The real reason Twitter is so great only shows itself when you do these things. So I thought I'd share a few things that I do to achieve that Twitter buzz, that moment that still makes me tweet....."I love Twitter"

1: Help

At Warwicktweetup we're all about helping tweeters to find new people, businesses and services. What do you know a lot about? Which area do you thrive in? Search for it on Twitter and help people who are tweeting about it. Try and make yourself the person that people refer others to about your area of expertise. 

2: Refer.

Send people to other accounts or services. For example if somebody tweets that they are looking for a local garage and you know a good one then tell them. This works even better if the garage are on Twitter as you can mention them and gain some kudos too.

3. Share.

Have you got some great knowledge about a subject or some exciting news you've just heard? Share it. Twitter is an amazing place to get the latest on breaking news or help on a particular subject. By giving your knowledge to others you will get RT'd followed or recommended, that's the Twitter gold right there and you have it within you to get it. 

4. Join in.

So you're on Twitter and you've followed a whole heap of people and they are chatting away about last nights must see TV. You watched it and have an opinion on it so join in. Yes you sell beauty products and talking about Ant & Dec does not show off your skills, but its amazing how a conversation on Twitter moves from one place to another and you never know where it will take you. Join in, so often the conversation will get to you and what you do.

5: Ask.

Twitter really comes alive when you ask it a question. I LOVE Twitter for its response and helpfulness. Can't find the hair dressers? Don't know which car to buy? Want to know what that song is on the new Diesel advert? Ask away. The more followers you have the better the response is, but often if you put please RT in your tweet you can get an answer from people who don't even follow you.

6: Say hello.

Success! Someone has decided to follow you. Naturally the best thing to do is carry on regardless and ignore their very existence right? Wrong. Say hello, it's only polite, and ask them something about what they do. I check out a new followers bio and/or website and then start chatting to them about it. A great way to get to know them some more and also to cement that connection. 

7: Respond.

So important this one. If you're asked a question then answer it, if you're retweeted then say thank you, if you're mentioned in a tweet then reply. Twitter may well be a virtual world but these are real people behind the 140 character messages don't ignore them, that's just rude. Learn to treat tweets like the spoken word on the street and you'll go a long way in Twitterverse.


Warwicktweetup are all about helping, referring, sharing, joining in, asking, saying hello and of course responding to all of this with Tweetups, events and news soon of another way we can help your twitter world too.

Watch this space. ;)

Lord Todd.


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Most useful, cheers, Todd!
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