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New Year's Twesolution!

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So with a fresh new year strewn out in front of us, we're all looking to make positive changes to our work, lives, health and prosperity. I had a thought... and of course it was a Twitter related one. Why don't we all make some simple and easily implementable changes to our tweeting as a New Year's resolution, and make the most of 2013's tweets?!

Here are my nine simple tips you can do (and stick to) to improve your Twitter presence!

  • Use it: So many people create a profile on Twitter and then fail to turn up. Tweet regularly. Tweet with focus on your reasons for tweeting. Respond to others and take an interest in their tweets too. Don't sign up and expect it to work its magic alone.

  • Mix it up a little: One dimensional tweets with the same old boring content get lost. There's a heck of a lot of information out there and you need to stand out. Be different, funny, informative and useful, and DON'T tweet a constant sales or news pitch.

  • Be yourself: Sounds simple but so many people forget. I've blogged, tweeted, and spoken about this countless times. People connect with people, not a logo or brand. By simply being human and showing your personality you'll engage more and increase your brand awareness. Twitter is built on conversation; it's not a one way street full of adverts and billboards.


  • Structure: Yes, with all the chaos and random chatting you need a plan too. Set
    out what you actually need to get across and ensure you do. Dilute this with the chat and networking to ensure an eclectic and interesting feed. I use Tweetdeck to auto-tweet my latest blog or workshop so I don't forget to; just remember to respond to any questions or RTs you get from them.

  • Review your account: Remember when you joined Twitter? Can you recall those early confused days as a Twitter newbie? Is your bio and avatar still the same? I often review our description and avatar, and change the wording to promote our latest activities. We also change the avatar to reflect the time of year or occasion. Your bio should contain keywords (searchable by Twitter and search engines) so make sure that if you're a florist you mention your special roses and unique lilies. Please avoid the hard sell here as first impressions count and you don't want to come across pushy! Include a website link (this doesn't have to be your homepage) and ensure you have a location set too.

  • Avoid the "Ten minute trolley dash": I fashioned this phrase for a workshop I ran last year. The ten minute trolley dasher is someone who tries to cram in an entire day's tweeting into ten minutes. They retweet the first 2-3 tweets they can find and fire off a load of tweets about themselves, then disappear just as quickly. Attacking Twitter like a tweet-machine gun won't win you any followers and will result in people skimming over you. Tweet throughout the day - remember that's 7am-7pm for the main traffic.


  • Auto-posting from other networks: Stop it! Drastic? Well maybe it doesn't need to be as cut-throat as that. If you do link Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Foursquare and other platforms, just try to remember that you have. Confused? Don't be. When you post a photo to Instagram remember that more than 3 hashtags look ugly on Twitter. When you check-in on Foursquare, give your tweeters a little description. When you add an album to Facebook - name it! Make sure it's personalised and coherent on both networks - otherwise it's just spam!

  • Spread your twings!: You can follow thousands of people on Twitter, but I bet you speak to just a handful of your followers every day. Don't put all your Twitter eggs in one basket - tweet some of those people you followed back or ask questions and take an interest in some new accounts. You never know where it will take you, and you can never have too many friends in this world.

  • Search and monitor: So many people simply don't get this. Twitter is just like Google but with live and interactive results from actual conversations. When you want an answer you Google it, right? So try Twitter instead and also bear in mind that you can be that answer too! How many times have you asked Twitter for help? How many times have you searched Twitter for your service to see if people need your help? If you run a hotel and you're not searching 'your area' and the word 'vacancy'...? Well, you get the idea I'm sure. Tweetdeck and Hootsuite allow you to add columns for searches too, which I highly recommend you do!


So there you go; some simple but tried and tested tips on making the most of your Twitter for 2013. If you really want to get the most out of Twitter you have to put the effort in. Sorry there isn't a guaranteed shortcut to Twitter glory. Last year we achieved a phenomenal amount just by following the tips above. You can read our "Year of Tweets" to find out more.

If you need more than just a few pointers on Twitter and its quirky world, then Twitter School is a great way to really 'get' Twitter. We run informal and interactive workshops every month in Warwickshire. Alternatively you can sign up to our newsletter for tips, information and news!




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