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Let me Google that tweet for you!

Amazing isn't it, that years ago we would spend hours arguing the toss over who that bloke was from that film who dated what's her face from that TV show. People from all over the pub would get dragged into debates about who was born when, and whether the first Ford was available in one or two colours. Now though, someone will simply reach for their pocket and pull out the answer - their smartphone. The internet, Google, and the way we now access it from anywhere have transformed the world. This is good and bad for pub debates and indeed pub quizzes; but it's also good and bad for businesses, it's your business' choice which option you take. Obviously money fixes all the world’s problems and the internet is the same right? Paying for Google ads is the simple fix for your business in this new age...

Wrong. Money doesn't buy happiness and it doesn't always buy customers. I champion Twitter for business for many reasons, but one of the big reasons it's so powerful is the search capabilities; and the door swings both ways with searching on Twitter. You can search for anything, just like on Google, and the very content of your tweets can get you found by people searching for the topics and words you're tweeting about. 

Prove this right here, right now, no special tricks. Just type "I love Twitter for business" and then instantly search Twitter for these words "Twitter love Business."

Now answer me this; who's top of that search? How much did you pay Google to get there? Then ask yourself who's top of the searches about your service or product in that search function? Get it yet?

The holy grail for any business is the front page of Google right? When we Google something, we want the options on that front page. Unless we really know the search we put in will eventually find the results we want, we rarely leave the front page. We all know this and getting our business here is key - that's agreed by most I think. So how do you get there?

Well Google Adwords will put you there. Simple, decide on the words you think people will Google to find a product or service that you provide; and pay to be on the first page when they're 'Googled'. Problem solved, end of blog right?! Well not exactly, as there's an issue I have with these 'promoted' search results - I automatically skim over them. My eye has learnt to not to see them, so those people have payed to be ignored by me - and I'm not alone. The results I do pay attention to are the ones below and alongside these promoted sections. I know the others have paid to be there, and I don't trust them. I'd rather go to the result with text in the body that match my search.

So how do you get there without paying?

Well I'm not going to pretend I know a lot about SEO or the 'dark art' of Google meta tags and spiders, but I know I'm not going to spend hundreds of pounds a month to help people find and then discard me. No, I'm going to be found and find others on Twitter - and still manage to get on the front page of Google!

Google likes content and likes to be up-to-date and accurate. The moment it stops giving us the answers to our searches, we will stop using it. Simple. So for Google to thrive it has to give us what we want; by ensuring it's providing the most up-to-date content for the search you're putting in. If you search for a sporting event for example, you want the one that's happening right now, not last year's competition. If you search for a clothing brand, you want this year’s range not last year’s - that's so last season darling! How it achieves this is obviously very complex, but essentially it searches constantly for new, fresh and trusted content. Content is key, and the more you provide the better. Twitter is live with fresh content, highly regarded by Google, and it's free. I often see a tweet that correlates to my Google search... on the front page!

There's another trick up Twitter’s sleeve too. Research is beginning to show that content shared on social media is regarded higher than other referrals. I'm also constantly reading and hearing about website profiles moving up the ranking when they're shared or talked about more on Twitter and other social media platforms. The more people share, the more highly your brand or website or whatever is being shared is regarded. This makes sense when you think about it; if it's popular on social media then it must be current and also offer good content. Don't get too excited though, as figures I've read recently talk about 1000s not hundreds of retweets or shares of content or URLs, so you're not going to get it easily.

So remember, keep your tweeting content focused and relevant. Be found in that search box for the right reasons, and help yourself and your cause get noticed on the holy grail that is Google. Just remember that it's a slow burner and nothing is free - it costs time and effort. Twitter and other social media platforms are not the only things you should be doing to increase awareness, but they certainly help you to be found more often.

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Cheers Todd @WarwickTweetup

Proofread as always by the fabulous @pinky_princess. Visit Jo's Correctional Facility to find out more.

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