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In at the deep end. 

A guest blog by Jack Linstead (@JackLinstead)


Sometimes, after a big night out and only a few hours sleep I think ‘why oh why did I say yes?!’.

I’m someone who firmly believes that you only have one life, and that the saddest thing in the world would be to look back and think, ‘I wish I’d done that’.

However, after joining @Kwaitie, @browsandbeauty@cupcakedaisyUK, @tnmboswell, @callunatherapy and @hammeranddrill, last night for one of Tim’s now infamous #twurry events, culminating in a sheesha session into the small hours, I did wake this morning wondering at my wisdom at signing up to be part of the #warwicktweetup swim team to support the Warwickshire Air Ambulance.

Of course, I didn’t have to go out last night, but like I already said, I hate to miss out ;-)

So at 10.30am today I met with my five team mates @WarwickTweetUp, @eztranslation, @robjcameron, @4everfreshaloe and @lifeptstudio to see what the event had in store. We had 55 minutes to do as many lengths of the 25m pool as possible. Thankfully when I got there my fellow team mates looked as nervous as me, even the uber confident Todd admitting nerves, with swimming not the top of his list of favourite things!

A quick change, and there we were, waiting for the off in lane 3 of the Warwick School pool, teams all around us.

With his fitness coaching background Rob led by example, and swam the first leg, thankfully we were able to tag our team mates after we got back after each two lengths, giving us time to catch our breath before launching off again.

And what a team effort it was, despite the nerves we were only bettered in our group session by a team with swimming team members. We managed 102 lengths, or 2,550m in the 55 minutes. Fabulous.

The Leamington Courier were there snapping away, so it will be interesting to see whether team #warwicktweetup makes it into the Courier this week.

Having completed the event there comes that rush of elation. You have achieved something, and the whole team gathered for about ten minutes afterwards with beaming faces.

So while I say that there is the fear of missing out, I must also admit to being a bit of a sport junkie. There is nothing like the high you get from having been nervous and fearful of the event ahead, getting through it, and reaching your goals, it’s a fantastic feeling.

And of course there was the Air Ambulance, promoting the Just Giving page and with individual donations has seen not tens, but hundreds of pounds raised.

This is a power of the #warwicktweetup, not just the fun, one off event, it’s ongoing awareness raising. It has become a brand all of its own. The #warwicktweetup web pagenow has hundreds of members, and I’m sure the planning team behind #warwicktweetup 5, the Christmas event in December will have to once again put a cap on numbers.

This, book up or you’ll miss out, of the #warwicktweetup is certainly one of the secrets of its success, keeping events relatively intimate has allowed for those attending to mix, chat and build personal and professional relationships.

Katie and I are lucky enough to have been to them all, and that’s why even with Katie working a late shift we were determined to make #warwicktweetup 4, even though we did end up making a 10pm arrival.

I know we love to think we’re party people, but I think even we stretched the last to arrive policy on this occasion, in fact we even missed the food, and with accounts from around the room that it was delicious we’ll certainly be rectifying that soon with a trip to @IamPancho.

The evening itself at Pancho Tapas Bar saw host Dale and his staff serving tapas and Sangria through the evening as the attendees enjoyed an excellent presentation on using social media as part of your business strategy by Sandra Garlick (@SandraGarlick) of De Marco Hunter Solicitors.

Other highlights of the evening included the raffle and a great show-reel by Liquid Blu (@liquidblu_) showcasing their new Warwick TweetUp website look and feel being built by Surefyre Design (@Surefyre).

Once again the Air Ambulance, the nominated charity of the #warwicktweetup, the Warwickshire Northamptonshire Air Ambulance(@AirAmBird53), raised £350 during the course of the evening.

So for those not involved I would say discover the #warwicktweetup now, there are the official events, there are the sporting fundraisers, and even the spin-off #twubcrawls and #twurry evenings.

Just don’t try and do them all in one weekend…


Many thanks to Jack for this blog. To read more of Jack's fantastic blogging skills head on over to his own blog Jack and Katie put the world to rights 

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Posted by UnderwoodWines on
Thanks Jack, great blogpost as ever. Couldn't have put it better myself....and now I don't have to! ;)
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