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If you follow me on Twitter you’ll be aware that I tweet a lot. 

I’m often asked “how often should I tweet?” and the answer is usually “more than you already are”. The fact is, the internet is a very busy place and people are all shouting for attention. We’re constantly bombarded with digital information and the chances are, your information will get lost in the online ocean. Being seen is important. Click-throughs to your information are paramount, but gambling on tweeting messages just a few times is a bad idea.

Twitter is the bus advert of the 21st Century.

You’ve seen an ad on a bus, right? The latest Tom Cruise movie ad adorning the side of a bus with catchy graphics and images, all designed to make you notice it. With the bus though, there’s a rule of three, and it’s common knowledge in the advertising world. People have to see something three times before they notice it:

  1. Bus drives past: “There’s just another bus.”
  2. Bus drives past again: “Oh look, there’s that ad I saw yesterday.”
  3. Bus drives past yet again: “Oh there’s that ad I keep seeing, it looks very familiar, what is it? Oh, a new Tom Cruise movie - how exciting.”

Trust me, this works for most advertising and even though I’m aware of it, it works on me too. But online? How does your 21st super-highway bus advert work there?

  1. Bus drives past: You’re not there and don’t see it.
  2. Bus drives past: You’re busy listening to someone selling a great product for kitchens.
  3. Bus drives past: You’re cooking the dinner and you’re nowhere near the bus.
  4. Bus drives past: You’re involved in a great chat about last night’s TV and don’t see it.
  5. Bus drives past: You see the ad but don’t look closely. 
  6. Bus drives past: You’re thinking about something else and the advert goes unseen.
  7. Bus drives past:... 

The bus (a very busy bus) has to drive past an average of 21 times according to online marketing statisticians. So in the real world your tweets with links and news need to be shared more than just once a day. Your online 21st Century bus needs to be driving around all day, or no one will see your new Tom Cruise movie!

If you’re not on Twitter, no one notices.

You need to show up, every day (including the weekends) and you need to be when the people are. No one tweets me when I’m not on Twitter, no one notices me on Twitter if I don’t tweet. No one clicks on the links to my blog from Twitter if I don’t share it on Twitter. You have to be in the wood to hear the tree fall, or the tree won’t make any noise. Your audience need to be in the wood to hear your tree fall. Your followers don’t wait around all day in the wood either, so you trees need to fall throughout the day to make the noise that gets you noticed. Got it? 

So what have we learnt at WarwickTweetup?

We’ve organised events, sold out workshops and started huge campaigns all through Twitter, but we didn’t get lucky. We’ve generated 5,500 views to a blog in under a month, gained press, radio and TV coverage across Warwickshire and beyond, and even shared our content with bloggers and internet entrepreneurs in the US, but we didn’t just hope for the best and “send a few tweets”. 

Basically you need to make noise. Make it all day every day and play the numbers game. Test your audience; when do they react the most, when do they miss your bus completely. It’s a constant learning process, and we’re learning every day too. 

“But hang on Todd, you’re saying I need to tweet my blog post 21 times before someone reads it?”

Well, not always. But when I post new content or links to new workshops I make sure I share it a lot. BUT I don’t just tweet links and content; I have meaningful conversations and network with others too. You have to mix it up or you risk becoming spammy and boring. Not quite the quick fix to your marketing now is it? Twitter works, but only when you work at it and with it.

We know it works and we know how to make it work for you. That’s why we now offer to drive the bus through the woods for you. Contact us today to get your message noticed...




My name is Graham Todd and I’ve been immersed in social media for almost three years. I train, blog and manage social media for business.

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