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How to write a blog for your business

A blog is about writing quick creative copy to raise brand awareness.

Here are our seven great tips for writing a great business blog.

  1. Define your keywords and use them as often as possible (while ensuring it still makes sense!)
  2. Use good quality, eye-catching images to entice your audience and name them.
  3. Share your knowledge and passion.
  4. Use hyperlinks where appropriate.
  5. Keep it under 1000 words because people online have a short attention span.
  6. Think of a catchy title which answers a question which may be asked on Google.
  7. Be interesting.

If you use these tips you'll be able to write a great business blog.

To find out more please visit our blogging page.


This blog was written LIVE in our Blogging workshop on 12th March 2013

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