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Well, that worked quite well didn't it?

The First #Warwicktweetup was a great success, AND a great turnout! That nightmare of Standing next to Christie in Lanes with just a glass of wine for company didn't become a reality. Thank the Lord(not me)

Going by the Warwicktweetup hashtag line alone, it certainly looks like I'm no the only one who thought the evening succeeded, some wonderful tweets flying around last night and this morning as you all made you weary way to work......#Shouldhavebookedthedayoff!

Many thanks to all who attended, contributed, turned out and made the night a great success. There are so many people to thank, but in my drunken haze this morning I will probably miss out somebody very important, so I will leave a list of honours until later this week!

It was wonderful to see in reality, as I've seen on twitter since #Warwicktweetup was born, the interaction and socializing of so many different types of people. Almost everybody I spoke to about the tweetup that is not on twitter, thought we would all tweet each other from a distance or hide in our little pockets of comfort, some even likened it to a swingers club...."will you be swapping keys" somebody said. I hope, and think we have, dispelled the myths of twitter to lots of people. Twitter IS a powerful tool, Twitter IS for real people and Twitter should not be ignored. We don't all tweet about mundane dull inept stuff, we help and advise each other, we chat and learn, share and engage. Isn't that what life is all about anyway?


So, what next? Well on the back of last night's superb evening at Lanes I hope you wont all be strangers! Lanes is at the end of the day a restaurant usually and Darren the Chef, who's food you tasted last night, can always be found in their kitchen delivering stunning quality food. Anyone that tasted last night canapes will agree with that. Underwood Wines is also always happy to see new faces to our Emporium of wine in Montague road in Warwick, so please do wander down and have a glass of wine with us! 

Many thanks again to all who came along to our little Tweetup

#Warwicktweetup2?............ah go on then!

Watch this space!


Cheers Lord Todd and Lady Christie



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