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Feel the fear.

Blog by Paul the Barber of Warwick.

Ever heard of the book by Dr. Susan Jeffers called "Feel The fear And Do It anyway”? It’s a good read for a self help book and a huge seller - I recommend it.

Feel the fear and do it anyway is what I would like all the business owners and managers in Warwick to do with Twitter. Go on, have a go guys!

What’s the worst that could happen?

I know many people are skeptical - I was once, but what a revelation! If used properly, Twitter can be very powerful for the good of our town. We can promote, break news, keep businesses up-to-date and, more importantly, help one another.

Here’s what I did:

Once I worked out the basics of tweeting, I decided to tweet about my location, Smith Street in Warwick, along with the shops and other services that are on offer. I mix this up with bits of useless information about our town’s history! My account is @OnSmithSt

It appears to be working quite well in terms of profile of the street, but the difference in positivity has been huge. Our trader's meetings have never been better attended, and the optimism for the future is very good. The owners of businesses now know that I’m attempting to tweet on their behalf. Sometimes they come forward with the news, other times I have to walk up and down the street to ask them for their story or offer. It’s OK doing that, but it’s time consuming and I, like them, have to earn a crust. Sooner or later everyone has to help themselves... right?!

The Warwick community has a large number of tweeters, but I would like to see more business owners tweeting. Business owners can’t sit back and hope that someone does something on our behalf - we’ve got to help ourselves.

So here’s the challenge:

If you know a shop or a business in Warwick that isn’t on Twitter or perhaps has an account but doesn’t use it, tell them to “feel the fear and do it anyway”. Tell them of the benefits. The one they’ll like most is that IT'S FREE. We need to shout about our skills, offers, products and personalities; after all it’s the people that make the community as well as the shops. Even if we can only tweet once or twice a week, it will be the start of something so much bigger.

Thanks to Paul the Barber of Warwick for this frank and honest blog. Come on Warwick... Join the Twitter brigade!

We run monthly Twitter schools for those who don't get Twitter. We'd be happy to run a special session to get Warwick businesses tweeting if there is sufficient demand. We agree with Paul, it's a revelation and it's FREE... you'd be mad not to tweet!




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