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Guest blog from Daniel Browne.

We have met some interesting and talented people through Warwicktweetup and Daniel Brown is certainly no exception. Here is his story of how WTU and Twitter have helped his business and networking.

I must admit to having been a bit dubious about joining Warwick Tweetup when it was first suggested to me that I get involved. I was relatively new to Twitter and at that point didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about.

Joining a network of people who had met on Twitter seemed absurd to me. But after a conversation with a friend I decided that I had nothing to lose, so I signed up to Warwick Tweetup on their website.

Once I had done that I found that my list of followers began to grow and that people started to interact with me on Twitter. This is something that had lacked before and it was part of the reason why I had dismissed Twitter as something that was not of value to my business. I have been proven wrong though.

Since joining I have made contact with a number of wonderful people who are involved with running businesses as I am. This had led to me gaining more therapy clients through the contacts I have made and also collaborating with other members on various projects such as promotional photo shoots and even filming a documentary as an ‘in house expert’ on fears, phobias and therapy. I have also managed to find a room to conduct my therapy from and also secured a venue for my LBGT youth support project. All of this from getting involved with Warwick Tweetup.

Aside from the benefits it has had to my business, I have also met some really nice people through attending the Twubcrawls and Tweetups. At the time I joined I was new to running a business and felt very inexperienced. I thought that I would attend an event and feel completely out of my depth. I am happy to report that this hasn’t been the case. Every person I have met so far has been open and welcoming.

If anyone was to ask me whether they should join Warwick Tweetup I would recommend doing it without hesitation. I can honestly say that it has been the best thing I have done for my business, in terms of becoming more established, networking and getting my name and business recognised. Warwick Tweetup has helped me and I have no doubt it can help you too.

Daniel Browne – Hypnotherapist @ Daniel Browne Therapy







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Posted by vickij1 on
Good blog, and I have to say that Dan has very clearly expressed my feelings about Twitter and Warwick TweetUp. Warwick TweetUp has certainly helped me as well, I have met some cool people, everyone is friendly and it helps me feel less isolated in my work. Thank you Dan and everyone in Warwick Tweet Up!
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