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An interesting week.

Those who follow our tweets closely will know how eclectic our stream can be, and recently it's certainly not been dull at WarwickTweetup. Just this week alone has included enough to ?ll a chapter in a book, so I thought I'd blog it instead.

So here's a week in the life of Todd at WarwickTweetup:

The beginning of this week actually starts last week (nothing is simple around here!) and it starts on the front page, and page 7 of the Warwick Courier. We didn't win Portas Pilot status, but that doesn't mean I'm not on the front cover smiling in my WarwickTweetup T- Shirt. Onwards and always upwards, that's my plan. We have achieved so much in Warwick, and gained so much support and profile, that there's no way I would ever class it as a failure. I actually had a conversation with someone today who said that until a year ago they had never contemplated coming to Warwick. The sheer tweeting and positivity that is coming from the town attracted them. #Winning!


Next we held photo shoot in the Market square with a glamour model. Yes this actually happened! 

Warwick isn't all about charity shops and antiques, and it's not just a castle either. Warwick is a living, breathing and colourful community. Different folks from different strokes. Lucy Vixen (from Page 3, Nuts and Front magazine) agreed to model one of our Warwick Rocks T-Shirts. Naturally I asked her on Twitter, and as an active supporter of the Warwick Rocks and WarwickTweetup movements, Lucy was only to pleased to help. The weather was amazing and we wandered into a packed square with Karen Massey (WarwickTweetup and Karen Massey Photography) to create a stir, and get these great shots. All Lucy's photos on our WarwickRocks gallery.


 Earlier in the week I was asked by one of our followers (@WarwickAlive) if we could give him one of our WarwickTweetup T-Shirts. Naturally when he told us he would be taking photos and tweeting them whilst wearing it, I agreed! In return I asked that he donate the nominal £10 to the Air Ambulance, via our JustGiving page. He agreed, and I duly delivered a T-Shirt. Imagine my shock when I received a tweet from @StuartofWarwick to say that, as we were £120 off our £1000 target on our page, he'd donated that amount instead... £120 for a t-shirt?! This was amazing generosity and such a humbling gesture. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Simon and Stuart for this and for their ongoing support.

Then we move to Leamington. We are beginning to launch LeamingtonTweetup at the moment, and are moving and shaking in different areas. I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Kerr on Monday evening. Coming from Warwick (who submitted a failed BID a few years ago), I must admit I had pre-conceptions of what to expect. Steph is amazing though, full of energy and ideas and more importantly, passion! Not only does Steph come from a retail background, but she also has seen the way other towns in other countries have improved. With these fresh eyes and this fresh approach, I'm really excited at the possibilities for LeamingtonTweetup, and I hope that groups like the BID will get involved. I had the contact initially through Twitter from a third party, and I'm very pleased I did. I'm really looking forward to working with their ideas along with ours and others. I'm also looking forward to getting Steph tweeting too!

Then to my good deed of the week. Our new Mayor (Elizabeth Higgins) has had many trials and tribulations in her career I'm sure, but none more so than her recent challenge. Apple make wonderful devices, but at times they can be rather trying. After firstly discovering that you can't buy an Apple device in Twitter Central (Warwick) our Mayor purchased an iPhone elsewhere, and bought herself an iPad too. Unfortunately they refused to play ball, and after much deliberation and a few visits to Carphone Warehouse, Apple and Warwick Council’s IT department, the two devices refused to speak to each other. iCloud refused to play ball, and our Mayor was left incredibly confused and annoyed. So, Todd to the rescue then? Well sort of. Actually I was a little busy with the day job and cancelled our first meeting. I was accused on Twitter of standing her up one night, so I quickly rectified the situation. En route to another meeting, I swung by and knocked the two Apples into shape in under ten minutes. WiFi reset, passwords updated and iCloud accounts corrected, done! Contacts were synched on both devices, and I have secured my place in Warwick once more (I hope). It’s simple when you know how, and it’s all part of the job of Warwick ambassador and Twitter addict! Well we can't very well say Warwick Rocks when our Mayor isn’t able to tweet can we?!

Actually, as I write this, I realise that this has all happened in five days, so that leaves another two days to go in this week in a life of... I wonder what will happen tomorrow?

That's the beauty of Twitter; opportunity doesn't just knock, it tweets!


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Posted by allsaints on
Hi Todd and the @WarwickTweetUp Team

Your best blog so far!

A great a balance of passion and drive, with lots of fun thrown in for good measure. I particularly like your tale about our dear friend, Madam Mayor. “I was accused on Twitter of standing her up one night!” Well, I’m reliable informed that you did! (The house had been cleaned from top to bottom in preparation for your visit!)

There’s no doubt that Twitter (in no small part to @WarwickTweetUp), has brought a sizeable chunk of the Warwick community closer together – retailers, businesses, councillors, schools, clubs, charities, churches and residents to name but a few. I think you’re spot on, there’s so much we can all do through Twitter to engage people not only in Warwick’s here and now, but in its proud heritage and of course its future. The heartbeat of Warwick, the Saturday Market in Market Place is always bursting with life. It’s the day the town centre comes alive! There must be some potential here. Already, there’s a bed rock of stall holders and shoppers Twittering away, and I know more would like to join in – they just need a little more encouragement and they’d be there.

This Summer, we’ve all witnessed the power of Warwick’s community spirit and the dividends it brings to the town. Who could forget the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend? Practically every building and window in the town centre (business and residential) was dripping in red, white and blue bunting. Sunday 1st July, when an incredible 74% of Warwick’s residents turned out to welcome the Olympic flame. That was an amazing day – will any of us ever forget “Warwick Beach” jammed packed with people enjoying themselves. And then there was the Warwick Folk festival – the atmosphere was electric. I don’t know how small or large a part Twitter played in galvanising us all in helping to ensure these events were a success. But, none of us could fail to notice that despite these credit crunch times, the many new shops, businesses, cafes and restaurants that have opened their doors in Warwick for the first time in the last 6 months…………………………#WarwickRocks

Thanks Todd and all the team @WarwickTweetUp
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