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A visit to acupuncturist Mita Mistry


WNAA_Heroes_Run_2012-431.jpgRegular blog readers may know that I'm quite an active type. I cycle and run a lot; it keeps me fit but also keeps me focused. I think a lot on my runs around Warwick and it helps my creative juices to flow. The down side is my knees hurt from pounding the Warwick tarmac, and as much as I enjoying running up #WarwickBeach in the mornings I had to take a break. I mentioned it on Twitter and it was suggested I go and see local acupuncturist @Mita Mistry - and I'm very glad I did! 

I first met Mita briefly at a Tweetup a while ago, then more recently at the Big Free Twitter workshop, and then again at our first Leamington Twitter School. It was at Twitter School that I got to know Mita better. Once I heard she was a keen but irregular blogger, I was eager to encourage her to write again. I'mvery pleased to say she took little persuasion and is also an excellent writer. Her first blog was posted days after the Twitter School, and I was so proud and honoured that she took my advice. Since starting her blog again, Mita has also attracted the attention of an international publication which is simply amazing. Mita guest blogged for us too. More news on her amazing opportunity soon I'm sure.


I booked an appointment (on Twitter, naturally) to have an acupuncture treatment, and met Mita on a cold November evening after a swift Mojito, much to Mita's shock at 5:30 in the evening! I was not sure what the session would be like as I'd never had acupuncture before, but I relate to Mita so well, as she has such a great personality, so it didn't phase me at all. We spent a good time talking about me, my health, and of course WarwickTweetup and #WarwickRocks, but then it was time to roll up my trousers and 'release some pressure'. I didn't realise that pressure building up is the cause of lots of pain, but it makes perfect sense. I learnt that I have an inbalance in my five elements too.

In Chinese medicine there are five components to health and wellbeing, and keeping these in balance is the key to a healthy body and mind.

The five components are:

Wood: Gives us the energy to move smoothly around obstacles in life and creates a path with hope and optimism.

Fire: Gives us our ability to feel joy in life and to feel emotionally protected so that we can communicate openly.

Earth: Represents our ability to nourish ourselves and others and to give sympathy whilst remaining stable and grounded in ourselves.

Metal: Gives us the ability to reflect and to take in “inspiration” and new ideas by exercising our power of letting go of the old.

Water: The free-flowing nature of Water gives us the energy of reserves and power to adapt to changes.

I think it's fair to say that I have a lot of fire, and I did chuckle when Mita referred to me as 'bouncy and tigger-like' - perfect description! Too much though, and not enough of the others, and it's an unhealthy mix. My wood element is not quite in balance, and I would have to agree. Peaks and troughs of excitement; decision-making and vision are definitely something that needs addressing! So far not one needle had been seen, but I was learning loads about myself, and was very intrigued by the Mugwort herb, which looked suspiciously like a banned substance (but Mita assured me it wasn't!). The Mugwort is used in Moxibustion and I would experience that after the needles.

So, Mita set to work on my pressure points and checked my twelve pulses... Yes TWELVE! Apparently in the western world we only check one, I'm pleased to say all twelve of mine were fine, almost in balance and very slow. So slow that Mita said I had the slowest pulse she had recorded. (I love winning non-existent competitions!) Paying particular attention to the area around my knee and also my ankles, Mita tried her best to get a 'dull ache' from her needle, and I must say it was a very calming experience. Weirdly the needles only really gave a sensation when twisted and that was only the once; it certainly wasn't like being a pin cushion at all.

Mugwort herb.

Then came the Mugwort herb, which involved a flame and a little involvement from my senses. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention and the first one certainly got hot before I said 'ouch!' (I really do need to stop talking and listen at times.) This particular treatment is designed to increase blood circulation and also the smooth flow of energy which promotes wellbeing. It can also give instant relief for pain in muscles and joints. Well it worked for me as when the last needles came out I was ready to run, not that Mita was going to allow it. Rest and plenty of water was prescribed, and I hope this may help my over-active temperature as Mita assures me it will.

I not only gained relief from my knees but also a lot of knowledge about myself from my session. Mita is incredibly insightful and almost instantly worked out my imbalances and what I could do to level my components back. I'm looking forward to going back for another session soon, but in the meantime it's water, cold milk and bananas for me (to help cool my fire).

Thank you very much Mita for an excellent experience. My knees felt amazing and I loved learning about myself and talking through my inner workings. I will certainly be back for more!

You can see all of Mita's services here http://www.naturally-balanced.com/index.html and don't forget to follow her on Twitter @MitaMistry.


Todd @WarwickTweetup.

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