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8 reasons why you're not being followed on Twitter


We all want more followers right? So we all want to know how to get more. I guess that's why lots of Twitter trolls promise more followers in exchange for compromising links - they know our Achilles heel. We all want to be accepted, we all want to be liked, and that's understandable. But don't get hung up about it; follower counts are just a number - it's the quality that counts.


That said, good followers are great, and the more of those you can get the better. So how do you ensure your Twitter and the way you approach it works for you - and not against you?


Well, here's a few things we've learned:


  • First impressions count. What's the first thing people see? Your avatar (profile picture), so for the love of Twitter make sure it's not the generic egg that Twitter issues on arrival. Change it to a picture of you, your face or your logo immediately. Nothing says newbie or spam-bot like an egg avatar.


  • Don't keep us guessing. Your bio is your one chance to impress, yes I said one chance. When someone checks out your Twitter account they read it first. They are busy, and there are 500 million others out there vying for their attention. Firstly: Have one! There are so many without a bio it's unbelievable. Secondly: Make it inviting and interesting. You have 160 characters to impress, so give it your best shot and review it regularly. Your bio should reflect your reason for being on Twitter, and also come across as human and interesting. Think about people you haven't followed, and then think about who you need to follow you, then apply this to your bio.

  • You're only as good as your last tweet. I recently caught someone out on Twitter, they said they had tweeted something, so I checked their tweets, they hadn't. They were amazed. Why? All I did was pop along to their account and click on their tweets to see. When people contemplate following you they will see your last few tweets as standard. What do your last tweets say about you? 

  • Location, location, location. Twitter gives you the option to add your location. I'm not asking for your postcode, a simple county will suffice. People without a location get no love from me. Remember, this is a snap decision and people need to relate to you. Giving a clue which part of the world you're in can make a difference.

  • They're just not that into you! Maybe you just don't offer anything they want? You can't please everybody and you certainly shouldn't give up trying if you are. Keep your reasons for being on Twitter focused. Stick to your path, those who should be following you will, if they find you.

  • You're not writing creatively. Getting your point across in 140 characters is a skill. As tempting as it is to tweet like a 14 year old texting their mate - don't. Be creative with your words, and keep it short and punchy, not cramped and unreadable.

  • You're not real. By this I mean two things. 1: You're not actually real - you're a bot and people see through that. 2: You're tweeting like a corporate monkey, and not at all like you care about your product or focus for tweeting. People buy into your passion, your enthusiasm and your style. Don't be scared, be real and watch the engagement and followers rise.

  • You're not 'on' Twitter. I recently blogged about this. "Oh yes I'm on Twitter." Really? You mean you engage, share and converse with all your followers? No? Then you're merely just another Twitter account. You RT, comment and take an interest in other peoples tweets? Then yes, you're 'on' Twitter. Don't think you can join the party if you have no interest in the people already there.


So there you are, a few things to mull over. Twitter is simple. It's people engaging with people. Don't forget that and you'll go far. Attack it like an illiterate advertiser and you're going to come unstuck. 


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My name is Graham Todd and I’ve been immersed in social media for almost three years. I train, blog and manage social media for business.

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Posted by Vanessa Wakeford on
Great article - Just one query - how do you add your lcoation to your tweets please?

Many thanks - I'm a Tweetup Virgin so looking forward ot the next tweetup !!
Posted by admin on
Thanks Vannessa

You can add location to your tweets with most applications, go to your settings on your profile first. Tick the box for location and then you can add your position from most apps, including desktop versions. ^Todd
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