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Twitter is an amazing tool, so you've grabbed it with both hands, but like most you're bamboozled with jargon and hashthingies.

Well fear not, here at Warwicktweetup we have spent A LOT of time on Twitter and organised events and fundraising solely through the medium of Twitter. So we kinda know it well. In our blog we like to share this knowledge with you. Here's 5 handy hints to help you along.

  1. Hashtags: These confuse everyone to start with. #justsayin #warwarwicktweetup #blummineverything. Confusing to the untrained eye at first but you soon learn to filter them out. Hashtags are simply links. You know when you receive an email and a web address appears in a different colour? Well that is because you can click it to go to the desired link. Hashtags are also links but they link together all the tweets containing that specific hashtag in one place. Simple. Click this hashtag #Warwicktweetup to see all the tweets about us. It's a great way to keep up with an event or subject on Twitter.
  2. RT: Simply meaning ReTweet. Twitter is all about sharing, if you see a tweet that is funny, informative or useful then retweet it. This means that people who follow you that may not follow the tweets of this funny,informative, useful account will get to see it in your Twitter timeline. It's great for the Tweeter you RT'd too and they may thank you for sharing their content. It's copy and paste for Twitter!
  3. Shortened links: j.mp/ns08G0 
  4. Search: Twitter is one big search engine. Just like how you Google something you can search Twitter for anything too. Great for finding something, following tweets about an event or finding people who tweet about your interests. Try it. Type something into the search box on your chosen application and see what you can find.
  5. Ask: This works in a similar way as the previous tip. Twitter is great for finding stuff out. Need help on finding a good restaurant or bar, can't decide which route to drive to London, who was that Guy in that film with Johnny Depp? Just ask Twitter by simply typing a question and tweeting it. The more followers you have the better the results but add tip 1 into the mix and include a hashtag about the subject and you never know, it may well reach someone you haven't event connected with yet.

We hope these help you understand Twitter a little more than before. We LOVE Twitter, so feel free to tweet us anytime @Warwicktweetup and we'll do our best to make sense of it for you.

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