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Twitter_Bird.jpg21 signs you're addicted to Twitter

Those who are new to Twitter won't completely understand the above title, but those who have been using it for a few months will know exactly what I mean. Twitter is extremely addictive. I should know; I'm on it 18 hours a day! Here's a few of the tell-tale signs that Twitter has taken over your very soul. 

  1. You feel compelled to speak concisely and to the point in neat 140 character snippets.

  2. You have on more than one occasion caught yourself trying to speak with a hashtag.

  3. When you eat, you feel compelled to share it with a Twitpic.

  4. You can't wait to try that new restaurant, simply so you can check in on foursquare and show off to your followers.

  5. You have 3 Twitter apps on your phone, just in case the back-up app fails as well.

  6. You feel you have to announce you're off on holiday and book it with your followers.

  7. You also feel you must announce your return, but feel distraught when no-one notices you were gone.

  8. A break from Twitter lasts no longer than 24 hours.

  9. You can safely and impressively navigate a busy high street whilst looking down and tweeting.

  10. You have learnt the above the hard way by knocking over old ladies whilst retweeting great links about monkeys and replying to an 'important' DM.

  11. You get an email, a tweet and a Facebook notification on your smartphone. There's no contest which one you look at first.

  12. You check your Twitter before you sleep and the moment you wake up, and you have on several occasions checked during the night as well.

  13. The time between every job is not seen as a rest; it's when you send another tweet. 

  14. Being without internet reception makes you irritable and uneasy.

  15. Twitter is not 'social networking' - it's a real life stream.

  16. You spend most nights in the same room as your significant other talking to people on the internet that they will never meet.  

  17. You have on more than one occasion met someone in person you have only tweeted a few times. This is quite normal and not at all weird. 

  18. Most conversations you have with people start with 'On Twitter the other day..." 

  19. You catch yourself describing your actions mid-conversation with people, even though they can see you *walks off embarrassed*. 

  20. You wish you could 'block and report' people in real life, or that they also came with a bio describing them in 160 characters.

  21. Everyday tasks take twice as long because you're either tweeting about the task, tweeting whilst performing the task or tweeting people to find the best way to complete the task.

There are actually lots more, but I've stopped at 21 because I've been away from Twitter for too long. (15 minutes is a long time damn it!)


If you're addicted to Twitter, and you have no one else to turn to then follow us It's perfectly normal and not at all bad for your health. Well, unless you get run over by a bus whilst tweeting and crossing the road that is. 'Heads up.' 




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