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13 mistakes you're making on Twitter.

So no one is perfect, but we all wish we were right?! Twitter is a simple beast, but given a fair go can be a complex tool. I often tweet tips and tricks to help tweeting work in a more powerful way, but I notice obvious mistakes and thought I'd share a few of them with you. The following are simple but often large failings in your tweeting:

1. Using all 140 characters. Yes that's right, less is more people! Using around 90 characters is optimum for the perfect retweetable tweet, and allows comment before it. It also can seem more appealing to read amongst other longer tweets.

2. Too close for comfort. Always ensure links in your tweets have space either side of them. Twitter will only hyperlink (make it clickable) if you have a space before and after it. So " visitwww.warwicktweetup.co.uk " would not link where as " visit www.warwicktweetup.co.uk " would. This is the same for @names and hashtags too.

3. Quote retweet (QT) breaks the thread. All conversations in Twitter become a thread, making it easy for people to work out how a conversation started. Clicking the speech bubble reveals the conversation thread. A QT though, is classed as a new tweet so not always that useful to your followers. Use QT sparingly.

4. Not using quick links. Answering a question on Twitter with a link to your website or blog is a great way to get around the 140 character constraint, and push traffic to your content. Make peoples' life simple though; don't just give the the homepage link, give them the actual page link. People on Twitter have no time for hunting!

5. DM me with the answer! Running a quiz on Twitter and getting the answers in a DM? Actually that's not a great plan. What if the people answering your questions or quiz are not followed by you? It's rather limiting and then awkward when they can't respond to you. Ask them to post on your Facebook or blog. This means extra traffic and it is open and visible to all.

6. Post the same content to all platforms and save time. This is hideous, please stop this! LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ are not Twitter. They are all different, and should be treated as such. Laziness only works for the lucky ones.

7. Using Twitter as charades. If you want people to "Come and check you out" at least give them a clue. Place a link to more information in your tweet, and in your bio. So often I see people promote their service so well, and then leave their followers guessing where they can find out more. Make it easy to be found.

8. The missing link. Put your nectar in the middle. When you tweet a link and then get a RT it's great, more people will see your link and you get better reach for your tweet. Put the link at the end of a long tweet though and it may get edited out. Always place your valuable cargo in the middle of your tweet or keep it short to ensure it travels safe to other tweeters.

9. Auto DM new followers. Awful start. Why would I continue to follow you whenyou have clearly set in place a robotic response to me following you? Twitter is all about interaction and people. That just ticked all the unfollow boxes.

10.Tweet me quick! Yes, you need to have a presence on Twitter and yes, you need to keep on the parade, but NO that doesn't mean a trolley dash of RTs in a 5 minute madness because you've been busy all day. People follow you for YOUR tweets not your ability to press buttons. 

11. Sell, sell, sell. So often I see accounts on Twitter who post endless links and offers. On closer inspection, they never interact with their followers and vice versa. Twitter is all about interaction and engagement. You're missing the point with the advert streaming.

12.Forgetting your manners. They cost nothing and neither do tweets. If someone tweets you, respond! If someone RTs you, thank them. If someone recommends or refers you, then acknowledge them as well as the referer.

13.Look after number one. This is one of THE biggest mistakes, and why Twitter doesn't work for everyone. It's not about your business, your product or service, or your latest offer. It's about YOU and them. Twitter is about people networking and getting to know others. Yes, you will make great contacts and connections and that will lead to business - but it doesn't work if you rock up with your ad board and start the market stall holder approach. 

So there you have it. A few things that I see constantly in my timeline that make me scream at my screen. Above all, just be articulate, be creative, and be human. Make your tweeting intelligent; a few simple tweaks can increase your activity, and ultimately your productivity and success with Twitter.

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