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11 reasons why Twitter is better than Facebook

Photo_09-08-2012_23_02_46.jpg2011 was a great year for Twitter, it beat Facebook to many milestones. When you consider that Facebook is 800million users strong compared to only 300million on Twitter that's quite an achievement. But why is its popularity growing so fast and why is it, in many minds, better than the social media Goliath that is Facebook?

We manage Twitter and Facebook for businesses and we find that Twitter far outweighs in benefits than Facebook. Here's why...


Here's 11 reasons why I 'Like' Twitter more than Facebook.

  1. Facebook is limited to your friends and family, you both mutually agree to be friends. You can not see anyone's content that doesn't agree to share theirs with you. This may suit the secret ones amongst you but you try asking a question on both platforms and see which results win. Twitter is a search king. 

  2. Twitter is simple which makes it fast, responsive and better for mobile. By limiting characters and content Twitter is to the point and loads very easily on a smart phone. This, I believe, is key to its mobile use and indeed the best thing about Twitter. It's live and responsive. 

  3. On mobile Twitter you can tag people and businesses easily in a tweet. Thanking, advising or even complaining is simple. On Facebook mobile it is difficult and to mention a business you need to 'check in' to add it on your timeline with a link-able name. Far too messy and combuson when you can just type @warwicktweetup in twitter and it's done. 

  4. On Facebook your reach (how many see your content) is limited to the number of friends you have. On Twitter you can have no followers but a simple RT(retweet) can see your content thrust upon hundreds even thousands if you're lucky. How? On December 30th a friend on Facebook had his car stolen. I asked him for the details, put it on my Facebook and then my twitter. On Facebook no more than 195 people would have seen it. On Twitter it was RT'd over 100 times and had a reach of 32,316 people. My account @UnderwoodWines trended in the UK beating hashtags and famous people on the UK trend website for over an hour.  Would you like a calculator? 

  5. On Facebook you update your status with words, on Twitter you share 'Keywords'. Confused? Well it's simple. Twitter is searchable by not only twitter users but by search engines like Google. Not only can someone on Twitter search follow and converse with you about 'Smoothies' or 'Blueray discs' when you simply type the word into your tweet, your content is search-able by Google spiders too. Endless possibilities when your content is on the super highway for all to find.

  6. On Facebook you friend request people you have already met. On Twitter you follow people you have met, haven't met, don't know, will know, may meet, must meet. Networking is massive on Twitter, and a great way to meet new people, businesses and events.

  7. On Twitter the Hashtag technology means you can link your tweet to others in one place. On Facebook they annoyingly bunch together all the tweets with Christmas/New year/Lady GaGa into a silly box on your timeline, making them an effort to read and again it's closed to you and your friends so no where near as powerful.

  8. On Twitter you can make your timeline whatever you want into be. Follow accounts that only tweet about social media and your feed is entirely about social media tips tricks and info. On Facebook you get your cousin's rubbish pet photos old school friends moaning status' and unless you follow loads of pages, you can't replicate the content rich feed you can get on Twitter. Twitter is a specialist magazine, Facebook is a very bad collage. 

  9. Twitter is a cocktail party with an open invitation. Facebook is an invite only VIP pass restricted bar. Want to stick with the same people your whole life? Stay on Facebook. Want to broaden your horizons in business and pleasure? You know what to do.

  10. When you check Facebook it's often the same people, doing the same things and generally not much has happened since you last checked. When you check Twitter so much has happened in the last hour you can not see how you will ever catch up. And if that bloke tweets about his breakfast again you can just unfollow him, follow someone more interesting, and change your twitter feed to how you want it. 

  11. I have probably met more new people through Twitter than I have Facebook friends. Plus, in my experience, I actually share, laugh, help, and see people on Twitter more. Try friend requesting random people on Facebook and then build a relationship and meet them and see where it gets you. In fact don't, it's just weird isn't it?! On Twitter it's easy, acceptable and happens without even knowing it. 

So there's my view. Twitter is a powerful tool, shaping media and industries one tweet at a time. Sure Facebook is pretty cool too and don't get me wrong I use it a lot and enjoy it too. Just not as adaptable, easy to tailor or open to the world is it? I just wish I'd known all the tips and tricks of Twitter when I started. 

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My name is Graham Todd and I've been immersed in social media for almost three years. I train, blog and manage social media for business.

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Excellent as always Todd. Feeling the Twitter love :)
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Thanks Karen :)
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Twitter Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Jamiel on
6,7 and 9 are the BIGGEST reasons Twitter is better.
Posted by Pillar Joe on
"What a great article! it realy showed to me manything that i have already missed. just let me add more point from my point of view about this informative article.There is a very interesting feature that makes twitter special, which is its SEARCH BAR! you can search for anything you want without taking privacy settings into conserdration in the opposite to facebook
It’s a great way of finding people who are looking for your service or for the content you have created.
Even though you need to make sure that your potential customers are there before you start a campaign.
Best Regards.
Pillar Joe
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