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10 things I hate about you(r Twitter)


Ok, hate is rather a strong word, but the title's catchy.

It's been a while since I blogged in a ranting style, and I know how much @pinky_princess  loves proofing my ranty blogs, so I thought I'd share my personal 10 hated things on Twitter. If you're doing one of these, I don't hate you... I just scream a little inside when I read them.


1. #followback #followladder No I won't follow unless you earn it, so please stop spamming my timeline with this annoying pointless tat! Your followers should be targeted and focused on your reason for tweeting. The same works for your own following.

2. RT to win. Oh please, by all means try and win pointless rubbish advertised on Twitter by marketing companies tweeting on behalf of big brands, but don't be surprised when I unfollow you after the 3rd time in 10 minutes!

3. RTaholic. The same goes for retweeting EVERYTHING you see. A RT is not like a 'like' on Facebook. If you think something is funny or great tell them! If it's useful to your followers and sings to the tune of your Twitter, then RT it. I follow you for your tweets, not the people you follow.

4. You left us for Facebook. I see it all the time, you joined Twitter, linked your Facebook posts to it and then stopped tweeting, leaving nothing but the tumbleweed of half tweet/half FB.me links. *Unfollows.*

5. #You #tweet #like #this. Yes, hashtags are amazing and so powerful. No, you don't need 5-10 per tweet. Stop. Tweeting. Like. This. It's. Annoying.To. Read. #Thanks.

6. The spam daily is out! I'm sure some Paper.li daily papers are really focused and useful (to someone), but most are annoying and inaccurate. I once tweeted about a wine "Burlesque" and was included in a Burlesque daily... not about wine, and this disturbed my day with a pointless mention.

7. Auto DMs. YES, I've mentioned this before and YES, I'm still annoyed by it. Twitter is all about interaction and connecting. Don't leave your answer phone on, take the call... Oh, and I've only just followed you on Twitter, so let's give it a week or so before I 'Like' you, OK?

8. #ff off with your spam. Follow Friday (#ff) is a great way to announce to your followers who's amazing and deserves a follow. Listing as many names as possible in a tweet and sticking #ff on the end is spam, and annoys me. It always has, and always will. See my #ff Blog. Make the most of Follow Friday or don't bother. You don't have to #ff, so if you can't think of anyone - don't bother!

9. OMG LMAO. Txt speak. 'Lol' is fine, anything else is the contents of a school kid's Blackberry messenger. Please be articulate with your tweets; it is possible to speak proper English an' that in a tweet without sounding like your trousers are under your butt cheeks and you think McDonalds is gourmet! Aiiiight?

10.You're being paid to tweet. I can tell, I dislike it and I feel sorry for the person who's paying you. If you're a small business or an organisation and your Twitter is run by someone else, it's not achieving its potential. No one is more qualified and passionate about your business than you... and if there is, then employ them to run it!

So there you have it. I feel better, and I hope you enjoyed reading my rant. Feel free to share this post using the buttons at the top of this page, and please tweet me your comments @WarwickTweetUp. I am very passionate about Twitter, and love to discuss its highs and lows.

Cheers, Todd.

Proofread as always by @pinky_princess. Visit her website here

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Posted by iampancho on
Number 10 is my pet 'hate'. Makes absolutely no sense. I do however wish I had taken on some clients and made some money from it while the practice was still viable. I think now, a year on people are wising up.
I know of several local companies who still pay someone to tweet. Insane.
Posted by on
I have another one that annoys me, using #ff as a means of greeting new followers, pointless.
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