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943005_10151695825914939_1564501074_n.jpgBlogging is a passion of mine, I mostly blog about Twitter and all things social media. Did you know that a blog is one of the most important tools for driving traffic to your website? Check out our latest workshop for more information.  

I am always looking for guest bloggers or the chance to guest blog for others - get in touch! 

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2013 - the year that changed me!

Well, what a year. It certainly could’ve been unlucky for me! 2013 was a very eventful year, and if you’ve followed me on social media you’ll perhaps know what I mean.

Is Twitter for business a full-time job? | Twitter management

Twitter is still an incredible force in the social media world, and Twitter training is still our most popular service. But many of our attendees are left concerned that Twitter is very involving

Why businesses need to understand social media and their employees

Understanding that people use social media is important, but engaging and watching should be high on a business’s agenda.

How to write a business blog

Blogging is by far the biggest driver of traffic to our website, and by far the best tool for developing our online presence and increasing our SEO.

Social media training and hot potatoes | Twitter School

Today we gave potentially our last ever Twitter school. The popular Twitter training workshops have been running since January 2012,

I don’t like your favourites on Twitter

I have a bee in my bonnet about favourites on Twitter. It’s the way people use them, and I’m not saying they use them incorrectly; just that they don’t understand how they work

Art, pandas, penguins, washing machines, plumbers and everything in between

We were excited to be asked to present an interactive seminar on social and digital marketing for organisers of Open Studio art events from all over the UK.

#EdgeBham - on the edge and the future of digital marketing

Businesses everywhere are scrambling to keep up with the ever-changing digital world. Here's our thoughts from #EdgeBham

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