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They say everything has a shelf life, all good things must come to an end, and that often it's best to throw in the towel when you're on top rather than wait until you're almost knocked out.

WarwickTweetup is two years old and it's been an incredible rise to fame, but it's time for a change in direction on the good ship WTU. The crew as we know it are going their separate ways onto new oceans of opportunity but staying in permanent radio contact. WarwickTweetup as we know it is changing.

So what's happened?

Well with all the growth and progression here at Tweetup, not least with trying to crack into Leamington too, time and energy has been in short supply. Decisions have had to be made and recently a few life-changing events for all of us have forced us to rethink. Although from the outside Tweetup may look like a business, it's not. It always makes me chuckle when people ask if I do anything else but WarwickTweetup... Don't get me wrong, I've loved very minute of it; helping other people is something I've always been proud to say I do in abundance, but ultimately other commitments have to come first.


Karen is now very busy with her business and mostly thanks to her social media presence at Tweetup and on her own Twitter, Facebook and blog. Her wedding photography business is (as I'm sure no surprise to you all) flourishing. Karen is simply an amazing photographer, but has had to take a step back to concentrate on her passion, which we fully support.


Christie now has a gorgeous little boy, Jack, and is herself making the move back to the grindstone of the working world, whilst of course still being a full- time Mum (possibly the most rewarding but time-consuming job in the world). Anyone who's had a new family member arrive will know how little spare time you suddenly have. Twitter and tweetups have understandably taken a back seat, and we wish her all the best with her new challenge.


Jo has recently decided to make a go of Jo's Correctional Facility and has gone freelance! Jo has always been on hand to proofread everything we have put out over the last year and is now concentrating on building her client base and business, which is really exciting and I am already working on some projects with her.


Me? Well I've been doing as much as I can, blogging, tweeting, meeting, building the profile of our website, writing and giving workshops. I've been working with many of you great businesses on projects and marketing schemes, and learning so much along the way. All of this was of course managed in between driving a Transit van full of wine - not an easy task. I've been involved with many key local projects including the Portas Pilot and Warwick Rocks, and of course Twitter School has been a passion of mine for over a year. I'm not leaving... I'm taking WTU forward to a new direction!

Don't worry! WarwickTweetup is changing, not going away.

WarwickTweetup has been my life for two whole years, and I don't think I could ever let it go completely. Constant energy and heart go into everything you see, read, hear, retweet, comment on and share, and now the time has come to make all that count. We started off as merely a one-off event, but now we not only hold regular networking but also host workshops, support town councils, teams and organisations as well as championing small and local businesses. The power of Twitter and social media in general have been laid bare for all to see, and I'm very proud of what we at WarwickTweetup have achieved.

Where is WarwickTweetup going?

Well the simple answer to that is nowhere.

We have just signed up to a new host for www.warwicktweetup.co.uk and have new branding for our workshops and advertising. WarwickTweetup is evolving and the workshops and Twitter will be continuing... more so than ever. Blogging and Facebook are coming into the fold and there are some exciting plans for social media packages for businesses of all shapes and sizes coming soon.

Drawing on our incredible journey and experience I will be moving forward with the WarwickTweetup brand to help develop these surprising spin-offs from what was only meant to be a night out! I have become a source of Twitter knowledge for many, a referral account for local business and news, and also helped many people with social media, marketing and website advice. I will be carrying this forward with the WarwickTweetup brand; building on what I have developed so far. (I sound very business-like, but don't worry I will still be me.)

This is the end of Tweetups!

After hosting many tweetups in Warwick and Leamington, our 2nd Birthday Bash will be our last. Events have proven so popular and have been such a great force in Warwick and then more recently in Leamington. I love hearing stories of B2B connections and real solid partnerships being formed just because we arranged a get-together. Unfortunately these events take time, and as I'm sure you can imagine don't pay the mortgage! So we have decided that once we celebrate our 2nd birthday we will be saying goodbye to the WarwickTweetup as you know it now.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every single person who has contributed to WarwickTweetup. If you tweeted us just once, retweeted or read our blogs, commented on our website, attended a Tweetup, sponsored our charities, came to Twitter School, liked us on Facebook, shared our content, watched our videos, told your friends about us, or simply just followed and watch from afar. You all made this happen. With your support and love we built a great community and it's been an incredible job to help steer it.

Now all that I ask you to do is continue that support and passion so I can convert it into my unique style of output here at WarwickTweetup phase 2. I'm certainly never going to stop supporting businesses and the town of Warwick, but I feel that it's doing a very good job all on its own steam now. I'm so passionate about helping small businesses harness the power of social media, marketing, and online presence that I'm going to be focusing on achieving greatness through the brand of this humble Tweetup. I've met some incredibly talented people over the last couple of years and I'm confident that with these strong connections and skills WarwickTweetup will become a great force for businesses in Warwickshire.

You can keep up-to-date with Karen and Jo on Twitter @Karensphotos, and @pinky_princess. You can of course tweet me @WarwickTweetup


Much love, Todd.

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Jo's Correctional Facility

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Posted by Jo (airambird) on
I can't thank you all enough for EVERYTHING you have done! And words won't be enough, but actions will and the proof of that is the WNAA Shop in Warwick, which is flourishing thanks to your support in raising our profile. And apart from all the truly wonderful friends I've made through WTU, not just business contacts, many more fundraising events and supporters have taken your lead and adopted us too. It's like a ripple on a pond.

But, by far the biggest impact you have all made is the lives you have helped us save, so every time you see our yellow Heli flying I want you to be proud, and I want you to think..."I did that"

Lots of love and tons of good luck with all your new ventures from all of us at Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance.
Posted by Warwicktweetup on
Jo, thank you for that wonderful comment.

Warwicktweetuo has been an Amazing project and it will continue to live on with me. To be mentioned in the same paragraph as such an awesome organisation (which I will still be supporting) is most humbling.

I'm very proud of what we have achieved and my heart always flutters when I see that yellow Heli .

Todd x
Posted by Sarah James on
Todd - you are a true inspiration and I admire your incredible energy .... where on earth does it all come from?
Christie - congratulation on the birth of Jack - I bet you're an incredible mum! Hope to see you pushing that pram soon.
Karen - Your work is amazing and your girls are gorgeous. You deserve your success - you clearly work so hard and people fall in love with your personality, talent and charm - which is why your business is moving forward so quickly.
Jo - I'm sorry, but i've not met you yet. No doubt you are all of the above!

I hope to be with you on 21/3 but can't commit as yet.

Thanks for your support with Purple Pepper.
Posted by Rob Cameron on
You guys have done a fantastic job for the community, for local businesses and for charity. The work put into the various campaigns, promoting Social media, workshops etc is absolutely phenomenal. The old format will be missed, however, having spoken with you about the future I have to say I am excited; this is a great opportunity.
thank you so much for all you have done & I look forward to a bright and successful future for Warwick Tweetup and all those that were involved in making it happen!
Posted by mike ashworth on
What Todd, Karen, Christie and Jo, together with input / help from other people has been remarkable. I am certain the future will be a bright one :-)
Posted by Warwicktweetup on
Thank you to Rob, Mike and everyone for the positive comments. It's with the passion and energy from you all that keeps me going!
Posted by Abz -Aqua on
WTU to me was just another twitter logo when I first joined twitter. It then became a personality and then a brand! WTU has been the link to many connections and a great location of support, advice and referrals. The work and support via commitment and dedication has made the community stronger- and is getting stronger. Great leaders are to be followed and WTU will certainly follow back (as long as you have a bio)!!!

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